Series 2 - 2. Venomous Creatures

Venomous Creatures

About this programme

2/15. With Christopher and Bobby at the helm of Ewing Energies and Elena working to gain a stronger foothold within the company, JR and John Ross strike a deal to wrest control away from them. Meanwhile, Rebecca schemes with John Ross to take half of Christopher's shares to fulfil her father's desire for revenge and Harris Ryland's mother proves to be just as devious as her son. Guest starring Judith Light (Ugly Betty).

Cast and crew


Elena Ramos
Jordana Brewster
Bobby Ewing
Patrick Duffy
Pamela Rebecca Barnes
Julie Gonzalo
Sue Ellen Ewing
Linda Gray
JR Ewing
Larry Hagman
John Ross Ewing
Josh Henderson
Christopher Ewing
Jesse Metcalfe
Ann Ewing
Brenda Strong
Judith Ryland
Judith Light
Frank Ashkani
Faran Tahir


Steve Robin
Executive Producer
Cynthia Cidre
Executive Producer
Michael M Robin