Ripper Street

Series 1 - 6. Tournament of Shadows

Tournament of Shadows
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

There’s a dockers’ strike in the East End and anarchists are stirring up trouble among the workers. What looks like a deadly Communist plot is revealed when a bomber is killed in an explosion sparked by his own dynamite. Or so it seems…

Upright detective Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) thinks everything looks just a bit too pat, but soon comes up against Special Branch, whose officers are even more unpleasant than the criminal scum Reid deals with on his patch.

Hot-headed ex-Pinkerton man Homer goes under cover as a strike-breaker in another densely plotted episode. But more importantly, we finally see Reid open up just a wee bit as we learn more of the loss that has struck at the heart of his marriage.

About this programme

6/8. Reid senses something amiss when a Jewish anarchist is found dead, particularly when Deborah Goren appears at the station vouching for the dead man's character. The case leads the team into the murky world of the British government's fight against international terrorism, while Jackson is sent undercover as the dock strikes take hold. Crime drama, starring Matthew Macfadyen and Adam Rothenberg.

Cast and crew


Det Insp Edmund Reid
Matthew Macfadyen
Det Insp Bennet Drake
Jerome Flynn
Cpt Homer Jackson
Adam Rothenberg
Deborah Goren
Lucy Cohu
Commissioner James Monro
Michael McElhatton
Ch Insp Fred Abberline
Clive Russell
Emily Reid
Amanda Hale
Long Susan
MyAnna Buring
Sgt Donald Artherton
David Wilmot
PC Dick Hobbs
Jonathan Barnwell
Isaac Bloom
Justin Avoth
Joshua Bloom
Ferdinand Kingsley
Peter Morris (Zotkin)
Peter Ferdinando
Derek Riddell
David Verrey
Ignacy Rybarczyk
Edward Peel
Tommy O'Neill
Damien Devaney


Colm McCarthy
Stephen Smallwood
Toby Finlay