Death in Paradise

Series 2 - Episode 5

Death in Paradise
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Strait-laced, buttoned-up detective Richard Poole has to deal with flighty show-folk when Aimee, a singer-friend of his sidekick Camille, dies mid-song.

Aimee (played by guest star Jamelia) collapses in convulsions before expiring in front of a horrified Camille who, plucky as she is, immediately takes charge of what turns out to be a murder investigation.

Everyone typically behaves in the most shifty fashion as they fail spectacularly to stop themselves from becoming suspects under Poole’s gimlet eye. You’ll guess the culprit, but in the context of Death in Paradise, that doesn’t matter; it’s not a whodunnit, it’s about its warm waves washing over you.

And there is an emotional undercurrent to these balmy waters when we see Poole (the splendid Ben Miller) trying very hard to show Camille (Sara Martins) that he cares. He really wants to open up and offer her his sympathy, but he is so British that he jolly well can’t do that kind of thing.

About this programme

5/8. Camille's best friend, a singer on a Caribbean party boat, collapses on stage during a night of music and cocktails. After she dies in the policewoman's arms, the officers question the vessel's staff and on-board tourists in an effort to get to the bottom of her mysterious demise. Photographs taken on the evening offer a fuller picture of what took place, but could the answer lie in the vocalist's pre-show routine? Meanwhile, DI Poole tries his best to comfort a grieving Camille, but it soon becomes clear that sensitivity is not his strong suit. Ben Miller and Sara Martins star, with guest appearances from singer Jamelia, Dexter Fletcher (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Amanda Mealing (ex-Holby City).

Cast and crew


DI Richard Poole
Ben Miller
DS Camille Bordey
Sara Martins
Officer Dwayne Myers
Danny John-Jules
Officer Fidel Best
Gary Carr
Dexter Fletcher
Aimee Fredericks
Jamelia Davis
Eloise Morrison
Amanda Mealing
Dylan Edwards
Stephen Morrison
Jonny Phillips
Comm Selwyn Patterson
Don Warrington
Milton Reynards
Junior Simpson
Colin Smith
Rob Jarvis


Keith Boak
Tim Key
Jack Lothian