30 Rock

Series 6 - 15. The Shower Principle

The Shower Principle
Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

When you’re deep into your sixth season, you’re allowed an episode like this, which is built around Tina Fey’s alter ego Liz Lemon feeling she’s doing the same things over and over every year. As she notices that her diary from 12 months ago is foretelling the future, Jack is working on his Shower Principle, which is that the best ideas come when one is distracted. Talking to Liz is a brain-emptying experience – could she have found her purpose at last?

About this programme

15/22. Jack tries to find a means to grow Kabletown's business in a bid to impress Hank. Liz discovers her year-old diary holds the key to solving today's problems, while Tracy accepts a film role just to pay his taxes. Comedy, starring Alec Baldwin and Ken Howard.

Cast and crew


Jack Donaghy
Alec Baldwin
Liz Lemon
Tina Fey
Tracy Jordan
Tracy Morgan
Jenna Maroney
Jane Krakowski
Kenneth Parcell
Jack McBrayer
Hank Hooper
Ken Howard
Kaylie Hooper
Chloe Moretz
Pete Hornberger
Scott Adsit