Series 4 - 5. The Role You Were Born to Play

The Role You Were Born to Play
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Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

No Rachel or Kurt this week: boo. We’re back at McKinley High for some not too subtle baton-passing. Asked to co-direct the glee club’s production of Grease, Finn is soon standing on the football-pitch sideline looking for the new him. He finds Ryder (Blake Jenner, winner of The Glee Project season two) dancing in the endzone and sets about grooming him for performance and teaching him how to sing classic rock with a face like someone who just got lemon in a paper cut.

It’s left to Sue Sylvester to save the episode. Her take on Grease: “An oversexualised minstrel show featuring teen pregnancy and the ridiculously unnecessary lubrication of lightning.”

About this programme

5/22. In an episode set solely in Ohio, Finn is wallowing in self-pity so Artie persuades him to help co-direct the school's production of Grease. But Sue objects to Unique playing a female character, while Blaine is too heartbroken to take the male lead. Enter footballer Ryder Lynn - played by Glee Project-winner Blake Jenner - who is persuaded by Finn to try out for Danny. Meanwhile, as Will prepares to leave for Washington, DC, Emma has second thoughts about going with him.

Cast and crew


Blaine Anderson
Darren Criss
Sue Sylvester
Jane Lynch
Artie Abrams
Kevin McHale
Finn Hudson
Cory Monteith
Brittany Pierce
Heather Morris
Will Schuester
Matthew Morrison
Sam Evans
Chord Overstreet
Mercedes Jones
Amber Riley
Harry Shum Jr
Tina Cohen-Chang
Jenna Ushkowitz
Emma Pillsbury
Jayma Mays
Principal Figgins
Iqbal Theba
Coach Beiste
Dot-Marie Jones
Sugar Motta
Vanessa Lengies
Wade `Unique' Adams
Alex Newell
Joe Hart
Samuel Larsen
Marley Rose
Melissa Benoist
Kitty Wilde
Becca Tobin
Ryder Lynn
Blake Jenner
Jake Puckerman
Jacob Artist