Person of Interest

Series 1 - 12. Legacy

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

“You are being waaatched,” whines Michael Emerson over the opening titles. Emerson’s distinctive voice and robotic bearing – like C3PO in an overcoat – lend this series a lot of its flavour. His character, Finch, the billionaire tech whiz posing as an insurance drone, is a fascinating one and tonight we glean more about his back story. Not the story of his stiff back, but his past – he greets a young man emerging from police custody with a broad smile. Yes, not a pained half-smile or a grimace, but the real deal, such as we’ve never seen on his face before. Could this be his son?

About this programme

12/23. The Machine directs Reese and Finch to protect lawyer Andrea Gutierrez, who specialises in suing on behalf of convicts who claim they were wrongfully imprisoned. As part of her current case, she is hoping to get a former prisoner's latest drug charges thrown out so he can regain custody of his young son. Reese manages to thwart an attack on Andrea's life and discovers her client and the assailant share the same parole officer, whose bank account shows irregular activity.

Cast and crew


John Reese
Jim Caviezel
Harold Finch
Michael Emerson
Lionel Fusco
Kevin Chapman
Joss Carter
Taraji P Henson
Will Ingram
Michael Stahl-David
Vito D’Ambrosio
Terrence King
Curtiss Cook
Andrea Gutierrez
April Hernandez-Castillo
Alonso Garcia
Jay Hieron
Judge Peterson
Brian O’Neill


Brad Anderson
Executive Producer
JJ Abrams
Executive Producer
Ben Brafman
Executive Producer
Bryan Burk
Executive Producer
Jonathan Nolan
Executive Producer
Greg Plageman
Executive Producer
David Semel