Coronation Street

Episode 8052

Coronation Street
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About this programme

Lewis promises to keep Kylie's sordid secret safe if she gets him Gail's bank account log-in and password. Tyrone and Fiz wait nervously in the children's centre for the social worker to arrive with Ruby, while Sylvia returns from America unannounced. Elsewhere, Tracy prepares to start work in the factory, but Carla is quick to overrule Rob's decision and turns her away, while Sophie and Jenna head out for a meal.

Cast and crew


Lewis Archer
Nigel Havers
Kylie Platt
Paula Lane
Sylvia Goodwin
Stephanie Cole
Carla Connor
Alison King
Tracy McDonald
Kate Ford
Tyrone Dobbs
Alan Halsall
Fiz Stape
Jennie McAlpine
Social worker
Deborah Brian
Sophie Webster
Brooke Vincent
Jenna Kamara
Krissi Bohn


Ian Bevitt
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Phil Collinson
Chris Fewtrell