Series 4 - 10. Thursday

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Southland is never afraid to toy with us, to thread our emotions on its great big storytelling loom as it plays around with characters we like. Being a police officer on the streets of south Los Angeles is dangerous, and any one of the personnel could take a bullet. In the last episode of the series there are too many of those moments when you think, yes, this could be it. But first, Officer Ben Sherman tries to save the souls of a prostitute and her daughter, and Officer Tang behaves badly.

About this programme

10/10. Tang spends her last day on patrol before moving to a different precinct as sergeant, Lydia is under pressure to decide what to do with her police career during the remainder of her pregnancy, and Ben continues his obsessive quest to find the prostitute and her daughter whom he tried to rescue from an abusive pimp. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


Det Lydia Adams
Regina King
Officer Ben Sherman
Benjamin McKenzie
Officer Jessica Tang
Lucy Liu
Det Sammy Bryant
Shawn Hatosy
Officer Dewey Dudek
C Thomas Howell
Officer John Cooper
Michael Cudlitz
Sgt Hill
Jamie McShane
Karina Logue
Officer Danny Ferguson
Lou Diamond Phillips


Christopher Chulack