Mrs Brown's Boys

Series 3 - 6. Mammy Swings!

Mammy Swings!

About this programme

6/6. The Browns are excited as preparations for Rory and Dino's big day are in full swing - although Agnes's mood is dampened when she meets flamboyant celebrity wedding planner La La Doggy. The foul-mouthed matriarch also clashes with Father Damien when he raises religious concerns about the ceremony - and to top it all off, she gets more than she bargained for when she invites Cathy's boyfriend's parents over for the evening. Hit comedy, starring Brendan O'Carroll, with Jennifer Gibney, Rory Cowan and Conor Moloney. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


Agnes Brown
Brendan O'Carroll
Buster Brady
Danny O'Carroll
Maria Brown
Fiona O'Carroll
Betty Brown
Amanda Woods
Mark Brown
Pat `Pepsi' Shields
Winnie McGoogan
Eilish O'Carroll
Dermot Brown
Paddy Houlihan
Cathy Brown
Jennifer Gibney
Rory Brown
Rory Cowan
La La Doggy
Robert Doggett
Mark Dymond
Mrs O'Leary
Chrissie Cotterill
Mr O'Leary
Frank Grimes
Dino Doyle
Gary Hollywood
Trevor Brown
Martin Delany
Father Damien
Conor Moloney
Grandad Brown
Dermot O'Neill
Sharon McGoogan
Fiona Gibney
Emily Regan


Ben Kellett
Stephen McCrum
Brendan O'Carroll