Person of Interest

Series 1 - 11. Super

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

When we last saw this engrossing US thriller in October the main character – whispering vigilante John Reese – had been shot by the CIA. Rather mean of Channel 5 to make us wait three months to see what happened next. Reese (Jim Caviezel) stops crimes before they happen, tipped off by an all-knowing computer called The Machine. It’s a nicely paranoid, semi-sci-fi world and the central relationship – between Reese and the Machine’s nerdy creator – works a treat. Now, as Reese recovers in a Manhattan apartment building, things get very Rear Window.

About this programme

11/23. As Reese recovers from being shot in a rented apartment, the Machine reveals that one of the building's other tenants is in danger. Meanwhile, Detective Carter is being tailed by the CIA, which believes her to be responsible for facilitating Reese's escape. Crime drama, starring Jim Caviezel.

Cast and crew


John Reese
Jim Caviezel
Harold Finch
Michael Emerson
Lionel Fusco
Kevin Chapman
Joss Carter
Taraji P Henson
Nathan Ingram
Brett Cullen
Matt Dugan
Jeremy Beck
Ernie Trask
David Zayas
Kelli Barrett
Doug Stanley
Frank Deal
Bill Heck


Stephen Williams
Executive Producer
JJ Abrams
Executive Producer
Ben Brafman
Executive Producer
Bryan Burk
Executive Producer
Jonathan Nolan
Executive Producer
Greg Plageman
Executive Producer
David Semel