Death in Paradise

Series 2 - Episode 4

Death in Paradise
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

It was only a matter of time before the suggestion of pirates and a treasure map disturbed the breezy calm of the sweltering Caribbean island of Saint-Marie. Buttoned-up and besuited British detective Richard Poole (Ben Miller, channelling Cary Grant so beautifully) of course thinks it’s fanciful nonsense, but there’s a group of treasure-hunters on the island, and one of them ends up dead. Perhaps it’s a pirate’s curse?

Hustle’s Kelly Adams is one of the adventurers, whose important work isn’t in the least bit hindered by the fact she has to wear a bikini at all times, while Jonathan Cake is their worried-looking leader. This is not a happy band of buccaneers. It’s another daft adventure, but no one looks to Death in Paradise for gritty social realism; they look to it for a jolly join-the-dots mystery and a sunny slice of balmy escapism. It succeeds on all levels.

About this programme

4/8. Treasure hunters arrive on the island to track down the loot of a legendary pirate, a search that comes to an abrupt halt when the party's geologist is shot dead in leader Daniel Morgan's tent. As the murder weapon was a 300-year-old pistol, DI Poole decides every member of the team is a suspect - but the investigation takes a strange turn when Daniel falls victim to a series of unfortunate and coincidental accidents. Has a mythical pirate's curse become a reality or is someone from the 21st century simply trying to bump him off? Ben Miller and Sara Martins star, with Michael Brandon (Dempsey and Makepeace) and Kelly Adams (Hustle).

Cast and crew


DI Richard Poole
Ben Miller
DS Camille Bordey
Sara Martins
Officer Dwayne Myers
Danny John-Jules
Officer Fidel Best
Gary Carr
Liz Curtis
Kelly Adams
Joel Maurice
Michael Brandon
Daniel Morgan
Jonathan Cake
Benjamin Sammy
Bryan Dick
Elizabeth Bourgine
Comm Selwyn Patterson
Don Warrington
Chris Winchester
Ben Turner
Dr Ian Parks
Rob Heanley
Pip Torrens


Alrick Riley
Tim Key
Robert Thorogood