Criminal Minds

Series 8 - 1. The Silencer

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Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

Series eight of the gruesome, efficient, bleak yet slightly corny detective show sees Jeanne Tripplehorn join the cast as a new analyst with linguistics expertise and a difficult history with the BAU team.

Her first case is a man who never says anything and likes to sew his victims’ mouths shut, before they die, not after. As always the focus is on the killer’s psychological scars, which leaves us sympathising with the guy who’s slaughtering someone every five minutes. Inessential but satisfying.

About this programme

1/24. Expert linguist Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Big Love) joins the BAU, and her first case involves an escaped prisoner who has been claiming new victims, each of whom he is branding by sewing their mouths shut. The agents recognise this signature as the work of serial killer the Silencer but, curiously, the behavioural patterns are different this time round.

Cast and crew


David Rossi
Joe Mantegna
Derek Morgan
Shemar Moore
Dr Spencer Reid
Matthew Gray Gubler
Jennifer `JJ' Jareau
AJ Cook
Penelope Garcia
Kirsten Vangsness
Alex Blake
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Aaron Hotchner
Thomas Gibson
US Marshal John Tilghman
Sam Hennings
Erin Strauss
Jayne Atkinson
John Myers
Troy Kotsur
Kevin Jenson
Tracy Fraim