Bob Servant

Series 1 - 2. A Local Man

Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

This would-be politician is what you might call “in your face”. His alphabet omits the letters P and C, and his self-opinion is so inflated he should be reported to Air Traffic Control. The sudden death of Broughty Ferry’s sitting MP has sparked him into action; he’s waited his whole life to be in the spotlight and he’ll do and say anything to keep it shining on him.

This week Bob (Brian Cox, pictured left) and his heroically inept campaign manager Frank meet slick opponent Nick Edwards, whose wife promises humiliation for Bob. It feels as though we should be rooting for the little guy — would that we had a vestige of sympathy for him.

About this programme

2/6. The by-election favourite Nick Edwards arrives in town, but Bob is determined to derail him by rallying support for his `Local Man' campaign while in pubs and enjoying a high-society dinner. Comedy, starring Brian Cox.

Cast and crew


Bob Servant
Brian Cox
Jonathan Watson
Nick Edwards
Rufus Jones
Phillippa Edwards
Pollyanna McIntosh
Lady Provost
Vicki Liddelle
Taxi driver
John Buick
Delivery man
James Young
Finlay Welsh
Antony Strachan
Provost's Secretary
Kirstin McLean
Medical Director
Ron Donachie


Annie Griffin
Owen Bell
Neil Forsyth