World Without End

Series 1 - Episode 3

World Without End
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Oh the ignorance! The brutality! The sheer unfairness of everything in provincial England in 1334! World without End keeps hitting us between the eyes with it all – the “wantonness and evil” as a nun complains to Prior Godwyn, though he’s the most evil of the lot, and underneath his saintly talk, wanton too, in a creepy, pervy way.

He actually goes a bit nuts tonight, ranting against women and Jews and taking drastic steps to prevent Mother Cecilia (Miranda Richardson) building her hospice. There are about 47 other plot developments among the huge cast, including rape, poisoning, stabbings and disembowelment.

But it’s all laced with such a sense of grand passion and seriousness that it’s very enjoyable indeed.

About this programme

3/6. With the construction of the new bridge now well in hand under Merthin's supervision, Ralph undertakes a task of his own - to fund the ongoing war with France by any means necessary and at whatever price. Meanwhile, Godwyn is outraged when Mother Cecilia rejects his plans to build a palace on the convent estate and promises Caris a hospital instead. Fighting back, he issues an edict giving the Priory control over all town land.

Cast and crew


Cynthia Nixon
Sir Thomas Langley
Ben Chaplin
Sir Roland
Peter Firth
Caris Wooler
Charlotte Riley
Merthin Fitzgerald
Tom Weston-Jones
Rupert Evans
Nora von Waldstatten
Ralph Fitzgerald
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Edward III
Blake Ritson
Sarah Gadon
Edmund Wooler
Carlo Rota
Queen Isabella
Aure Atika
Lady Maud
Megan Follows
Sister Mair
Tatiana Maslany
Tom Cullen
Brother Joseph
David Bradley
Andre Hennicke
Kostja Ullmann
Roger Mortimer
Hannes Jaenicke
Mattie Wise
Indira Varma
Mother Cecilia
Miranda Richardson


Michael Caton-Jones
Executive Producer
Ridley Scott
Executive Producer
Tony Scott
Executive Producer
Rola Bauer
Executive Producer
David W Zucker
Executive Producer
Tim Halkin
Executive Producer
John Weber
Executive Producer
Jonas Bauer
John Pielmeier