Waterloo Road

Series 8 - Episode 14

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Things are getting better for English teacher Christine Mulgrew and her son Connor. For a start she’s been sober for 90 days and she’s a much nicer person when she’s not been at the vodka. But all her lies and deceptions blow up in her face when Connor’s dad Joe (Derek Riddell) turns up unexpectedly at the school. Trouble is, Christine’s such a good storyteller, it’s hard to know when — if ever — she’s being truthful.

Meanwhile, Nikki is still convinced that Jodie nicked her car and is bullying the girl mercilessly — is this teacher really the right person to head up the Pupil Referral Unit? Or work with kids at all, for that matter?

About this programme

14/30. Christine gets a shock when her estranged husband Joe turns up, wanting to talk about his father's will, and is unsettled when he shows an interest in Connor, the son he has never previously acknowledged. His presence eventually sends her into a spin - and when Michael rebuffs her pleas for support, she falls off the wagon in spectacular fashion. Nikki's bullying campaign against Scout continues, until one of the other pupils forces her to rethink her behaviour, Sian decides to separate the troublesome Barry children, believing Barry to be an unhealthy influence over his sisters Dynasty and Kacey, and guilt consumes Connor, who considers telling Imogen the truth about the fire.

Cast and crew


Christine Mulgrew
Laurie Brett
Connor Mulgrew
Shane O'Meara
Joe Mulgrew
Derek Riddell
Audrey McFall
Georgie Glen
Michael Byrne
Alec Newman
Nikki Boston
Heather Peace
Jodie `Scout' Allen
Katie McGlynn
Tom Clarkson
Jason Done
Imogen Stewart
Kirstie Steele
Barry Barry
Carl Au
Dynasty Barry
Abby Mavers
Kacey Barry
Brogan Ellis
Sian Diamond
Jaye Jacobs
Lorraine Donnegan
Daniela Denby-Ashe
Grantly Budgen
Philip Martin Brown
Maggie Budgen
Melanie Hill
Daniel Chalk
Mark Benton
Kevin Skelton
Tommy-Lawrence Knight
Rhiannon Salt
Rebecca Craven
Sonya Donnegan
Victoria Bush
Jade Fleming
Paige Meade
Harley Taylor
Kane Tomlinson-Weaver


Fiona Walton
Lizzie Gray
Paul Farrell