Episode 3524

About this programme

Ruby and Sinead frantically offer their support to a critically ill Esther, eager to ensure they are not labelled bullies. However, but when George visits the ailing teen, he forces her to admit the truth about her ordeals. Cheryl and Leanne recruit Barney, Rob and Liam as their new naked waiters, and Mercedes decides to pay Davies a visit after discovering the truth about his seedy request to Dr Browning.

Cast and crew


Ruby Button
Anna Shaffer
Sinead O'Connor
Stephanie Davis
Esther Bloom
Jazmine Franks
George Smith
Steven Roberts
Cheryl Brady
Bronagh Waugh
Leanne Holiday
Jessica Forrest
Barney Harper-McBride
Tom Scurr
Rob Edwards
David Atkins
Liam Gilmore
James Farrar
Mercedes Fisher
Jennifer Metcalfe
Dr Davies
Roderic Culver
Dr Paul Browning
Joseph Thompson


Eddy Marshall
Steven Fay

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