One Born Every Minute

Series 4 - Episode 4

One Born Every Minute
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

“I think northern couples express their love in sometimes… non conventional ways,” says a Leeds midwife, cautiously. Then we see Dan, at the bedside of his wife Kerry, playing endless games on his phone as she howls in discomfort. And there’s Colombian William whose wife Belem is having a protracted labour. He waves a tape recorder in her face to record her thoughts.

But just as you think, “Men, eh, aren’t they hopeless?” we hear more from these soon-to-be-dads about their own childhoods. William lost his mum at the age of nine when she died in childbirth, while Dan often lived in fear of his own father. By the end, as their babies slip into the world, the dads are crying, and probably, you will be, too.

About this programme

4/14. The documentary follows two couples on a busy maternity ward in Leeds. Father-to-be William, who met his wife Belem online, shoots a video with a running commentary in Spanish for his family in Colombia, while Kerry has set aside 84 colour co-ordinated outfits for their new addition, explaining that if she isn't fully prepared for something she panics. However, when her baby's heart rate drops in labour, it's her partner Dan who starts to worry.

Cast and crew


Sophie Waldron
Executive Producer
Peter Moore
Series Director
Emily Smith
Series Producer
Dominique Foster