Series 1 - 4. Cape

Radio Times
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David Butcher

The odds are against you when you’re a baby green turtle. As you emerge from your sandy nest to scuttle frantically down a beach in the Comoros Islands, your chances of making it to adulthood are around one in a thousand. We follow dozens of the hatchlings as they run the gauntlet of crows and crabs. And if they do make it to the surf, their troubles aren’t over. It’s a sweet, moving sequence, the opening of another stunning episode that also includes a weird, brilliant story about giant kingfish.

The programme culminates in one of those undersea feeding frenzies involving dolphins and sardines, into which soars the most colossal and beautiful Bryde’s whale, mouth agape, hoovering up everything in its path. It’s the TV shot of the year so far.

About this programme

4/6. David Attenborough describes some of the wildlife spectacles of southern Africa, starting out in a little-explored rainforest discovered less than a decade ago by scientists who spotted it on satellite maps. There, thousands of butterflies dance for the right to mate, while on a tiny island off Mozambique, green turtles emerge from eggs and begin a hazardous journey to the water - with pied crows and hungry crabs eager to get them. Cameras also capture one of the largest gatherings of great white sharks on the planet as 30 of the predators circle around a dead whale.

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David Attenborough


Executive Producer
Michael Gunton
Hugh Pearson
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James Honeyborne