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Series 1 - 1. Pilot

Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

A young woman walks into a police station, strips to her underwear and stabs an ice pick through her eye. Prepare to flinch, as Kevin Williamson’s controversial US thriller is unsparing. In a convoluted plot, a charismatic jailed serial killer (James Purefoy) obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe has managed to recruit an army of acolytes to continue his murderous plans, and bait the damaged, alcoholic FBI agent who captured him (Kevin Bacon). The script can be overwrought, but Williamson is expert at delivering thrills.

About this programme

1/15. FBI agent Ryan Hardy is called out of early retirement to lend his expertise to the manhunt for escaped serial killer Joe Carroll, who he helped put behind bars. As Hardy races to work out the fugitive's next move, he discovers that Carroll had been covertly accessing the internet from prison and has built up an army of devotees, from smiling suburban couples to friendly police officers. Drama created by Kevin Williamson, starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy.

Cast and crew


Ryan Hardy
Kevin Bacon
Joe Carroll
James Purefoy
Claire Matthews
Natalie Zea
Mike Weston
Shawn Ashmore
Sarah Fuller
Maggie Grace
Agent Reilly
Billy Brown
John Lafayette
Det Joan Garcia
Melissa Ponzio


Marcos Siega
Kevin Williamson