Series 14 - 169. Heston's Last Testament

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

This drama serial loves to play little tricks on its viewers so prepare to have a giggle at Heston’s final gesture. The doctor has been named sole beneficiary in a former patient’s will, despite barely remembering the man. Not surprisingly the man’s widow (Jill Baker) and daughter both have something to say about the contents of the will.

Meanwhile, Mandy accepts that having accidentally killed Mrs Fitzwilliam’s beloved pet guinea pig, she must replace it before the woman returns home. But finding a replacement pedigree guinea pig that is the right sex is much harder than she could have imagined.

About this programme

169/221. Heston is named as sole benefactor in a former patient's will and questions why a man with such a full life would leave all his money to him. Meanwhile, Al becomes an unlikely hero when Mandy realises she needs to replace Mrs Fitzwilliam's pet. Medical drama, starring Owen Brenman and Ian Midlane.

Cast and crew


Dr Heston Carter
Owen Brenman
Dr Jimmi Clay
Adrian Lewis Morgan
Dr Jas Khella
Vineeta Rishi
Dr Al Haskey
Ian Midlane
Mandy Marquez
Danielle Henry
Howard Bellamy
Ian Kelsey
Karen Hollins
Jan Pearson
Mrs Fitzwilliam
Elizabeth McKechnie
Corrine Gough
Jill Baker
Hannah Croft
Mr Fuke
Nicholas Bailey
Tayler Marshall


Jonathan Phillips
Series Producer
Mike Hobson
Series Producer
Peter Eryl Lloyd
Matthew Cooke
Vincent Lund