Series 1 - 10. Burned

About this programme

10/23. Oliver's confidence has been shaken after his encounter with the Dark Archer, so he decides to put away his bow and take a break from being the hooded vigilante Arrow. But then a villain calling himself Firefly puts in an appearance and he realises Starling City needs a hero more than ever. Stephen Amell, John Barrowman and Andrew Dunbar star.

Cast and crew


Oliver Queen
Stephen Amell
Laurel Lance
Katie Cassidy
Tommy Merlyn
Colin Donnell
John Diggle
David Ramsey
Thea Queen
Willa Holland
Moira Queen
Susanna Thompson
Det Quentin Lance
Paul Blackthorne
Walter Steele
Colin Salmon
Malcolm Merlyn
John Barrowman
Lt Ellet
Fraser Corbett
Ned Foster
Michael Daingerfield
Andrew Dunbar
Lee Vincent