Mr Selfridge

Series 1 - Episode 3

Mr Selfridge
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Review by:
Alison Graham

That naughty Mr Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) strips off his shirt – who knew a department store magnate could be so buff? – as he continues to toy with tiresome cocaine-snorting coquette Ellen Love.

Worse, he makes endless visits to the music hall to hear her singing those terrible, faintly mucky, coy songs about teddy bears in her cloying baby-voice as poor Mrs Selfridge is left at home, dabbing dispiritedly at her face with a powder puff. Still, there is serious work to be done back at the shop, where the staid staff are scandalised by Mr Selfridge’s suggestion that beauty products should be put on display. There is much hand-wringing, too, at the idea that perfumes should be moved away from the pharmacy.

About this programme

3/10. Harry comes up with another new project to give the store a boost - he wants to set up a beauty counter near the front entrance to sell perfume and make-up - but some of the staff are not convinced this is such a good idea. Meanwhile, Victor is still trying to woo Agnes, but she appears to be more interested in Henri, and Lady Mae tells Rose the truth about Mr Selfridge's partnership with Ellen, which spurs Rose to do something for herself.

Cast and crew


Harry Selfridge
Jeremy Piven
Rose Selfridge
Frances O'Connor
Lady Mae
Katherine Kelly
Ellen Love
Zoe Tapper
Frank Edwards
Samuel West
Henri Leclair
Gregory Fitoussi
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Aisling Loftus
Reg Towler
Nick Moran
George Towler
Calum Callaghan
Valerie Maurel
Josephine de la Baume
Mr Grove
Tom Goodman-Hill
Miss Mardle
Amanda Abbington
Mr Crabb
Ron Cook
Lois Selfridge
Kika Markham
Trystan Gravelle
Amy Beth Hayes
Lauren Crace
Christian Patterson
Alexander Cobb
Miss Bunting
Pippa Haywood
Tony Travers
Will Payne
Malcolm Rennie
Rosalie Selfridge
Poppy Lee Friar
Violette Selfridge
Freya Wilson
Gordon Selfridge
Adam Wilson
Beatrice Selfridge
Raffey Cassidy
Tim Lewis
Sales assistant
Kate Batter


John Strickland
Executive Producer
Kate Lewis
Executive Producer
Andrew Davies
Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton
Chrissy Skinns
Jeremy Piven
Carmel Maloney
Kate Brooke