Botched Up Bodies

Series 1 - Episode 2

Botched Up Bodies

About this programme

2/2. Mark from Liverpool had surgery to remove his `man boobs', which resulted in his right nipple falling off and now wants a skin graft to rebuild it. Mother-of-three Amal had permanent filler injected into her face in a bid to turn back the clock - but it has backfired and she wants it removed before her face is damaged beyond repair. Travel agent Katrina from London had a gastric band fitted on the NHS. The resulting 15 stone weight loss left her with four and half kilos of excess skin, which only surgery can fix. Finally, former soldier Machel from Cardiff had four dental implants fitted at a cut-price dentist and ended up with an infection that is ravaging his jawbone. His teeth change colour when he eats and threaten to fall out when he smiles. Can the surgeons correct the catastrophes and give the victims the boobs, faces, teeth and tums that they have always wanted?

Cast and crew


Ana Garcia
Executive Producer
Jazz Gowans
Kerry Allison
Series Editor
Mark Powell