Series 7 - 3. The Ramblin' Boy - Part One

The Ramblin' Boy - Part One
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Lewis is alone and palely loitering by the river, bereft of his sidekick Hathaway, who has gone to build an orphanage in Pristina. He is preoccupied, too, by the fate of another policeman friend, who’s left his wife and children for another woman. All the while Lewis is fondly observed by devoted Laura, the comely pathologist. We know they are the Burton and Taylor of TV crime dramas; now if they would just grab each other and fall headlong into passion, that would be lovely.

But not just yet. First Lewis (Kevin Whately), with the help of new sidekick DC Gray (Babou Ceesay), investigates mysterious and rum goings-on at an undertaker’s after a man’s embalmed body is found in woods.

About this programme

3/6. Part one of two. Chief Superintendent Jack Cornish goes missing and a recently embalmed body is discovered near an isolated farm track - could there be a link? As Hathaway goes on sabbatical in Kosovo, Lewis takes an awkward young constable under his wing to investigate the case. Guest starring Lucy Speed and Peter Davison, with Kevin Whately and Babou Ceesay.

Cast and crew


DI Robert Lewis
Kevin Whately
DS James Hathaway
Laurence Fox
Dr Laura Hobson
Clare Holman
Ch Supt Innocent
Rebecca Front
Brian Miller
Tom Brooke
DC Gray
Babou Ceesay
Peter Faulkner
Peter Davison
Tara Faulkner
Camilla Power
Emma Barnes
Lia Williams
Liam Jay
Taron Egerton
Ruth Wilson
Harriet Ballard
Jack Cornish
Mark Powley
Dr Matt Whitby
Simon Wilson
Louise Cornish
Lucy Speed
Johnny Jay
Nicholas McGaughey
Beverley Miller
Jessica Harris
Victoria Ball
Rosie Holden
Carl Prekopp
Anthony Edridge
Michael Webber
Emily Jewell
Desk officer
John Biggins
Police officer
Marc Small
Old man
Timothy Davies


Daniel Reed
Chris Burt
Lucy Gannon