Last Resort

Series 1 - 11. Damn the Torpedoes

About this programme

11/13. The crew members are forced into unlikely alliances following a typhoon, a mutiny and a Washington coup d'etat. Sam's grief tests his loyalty to Marcus. Naval thriller, starring Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman and Daniel Lissing.

Cast and crew


Capt Marcus Chaplin
Andre Braugher
XO Sam Kendal
Scott Speedman
Lt Grace Shepard
Daisy Betts
Sophie Girard
Camille De Pazzis
Tani Tumrenjack
Dichen Lachman
James King
Daniel Lissing
Julian Serrat
Sahr Ngaujah
Kylie Sinclair
Autumn Reeser
Christine Kendal
Jessy Schram
Master Chief Joseph Prosser
Robert Patrick