The Gadget Show

Series 17 - 11. Best of Europe

Best of Europe

About this programme

First of two compilation shows featuring highlights of Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward's most recent exploits, beginning with products they sampled in Europe. In the Italian Alps, Jason gives a 31-wheel rollerblade suit a spin, while in Switzerland, Polly takes a death-defying leap from the Contra Dam to test smart TVs. Iceland is the scenic backdrop to a race between a remote-controlled car and a nitrous-fuelled four-wheel off-roader, while in Germany, they are offered a lift in a vehicle that drives itself. Finally back on home turf, they have fun creating paintball graffiti art in London, before setting off for Wales, where they send three tiny HD action cameras to the edge of space in order to film the stratosphere.

Cast and crew


Jason Bradbury
Pollyanna Woodward


Ian Bayliss
Executive Producer
Ewan Keil
Ian Bayliss
Series Producer
Colin Byrne