Supersize vs Superskinny

Series 6 - Episode 3

About this programme

3/10. Julie Menzies, 42, is an award-winning baker, but her love of all things fatty and sugary has seen her balloon to almost 24 stone, while at the other end of the scale is 24-year-old fashion manager and fussy eater Zoe Hughes-Blinston. In an emotional diet swap, Julie is horrified by the medical implications of her dining habits and Zoe talks about being bullied at school because of her slight frame. Plus, Emma Woolf investigates eating disorders among men, while in McAllen, Texas - one of America's fattest towns - Dr Christian Jessen finds out how the funeral parlour and crematorium deal with larger bodies.

Cast and crew


Christian Jessen
Emma Woolf


Executive Producer
Oliver Wright
Series Producer
Romy Page