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Episode 1. The Glorious Revolution

Radio Times
Review by:
Laurence Joyce

The London newspaper Universal Intelligence for 11 December 1688 leads with a report from Rome that the Pope was “well pleas’d” that the Dutch fleet bringing William of Orange to England had been driven back by “a furious Tempest”. But His Holiness’s pleasure would be short-lived.

In the return of this excellent series based on contemporary newspaper accounts of historical events, Peter Snow examines the Glorious Revolution, when King James II’s ambitions to turn Britain back into a Catholic kingdom were thwarted by the invasion of the Protestant Dutch prince at the invitation of members of the British Parliament.

About this programme

Peter Snow uses a newspaper from December 1688 to recreate events surrounding the Glorious Revolution in the 17th Century, when Catholic monarch James II was replaced by his Protestant daughter Mary and her husband William of Orange. He visits key sites from the story in Torbay and London.

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