Great Northern Cookbook

Series 1 - Episode 3

Great Northern Cookbook

About this programme

3/4. Sean Wilson continues his culinary tour of the north of England by preparing lunch for local dignitaries on board a 1920s locomotive as it travels from Crewe to Scarborough, before serving a black-pudding breakfast to 30 guests at a Blackpool B&B. He then heads to Manchester to work an eight-hour night shift packing and selling vegetables at New Smithfield Market and cooks a vegetarian Indian feast in the car park for 120 of his co-workers. He ends in Ripon, North Yorkshire, where he challenges the residents to a traditional apple and cheese pie bake-off.

Cast and crew


Sean Wilson


Merryn Threadgould
Executive Producer
Jazz Gowans
Executive Producer
Richard Hughes
Kerry Allison
Series Producer
Mark Powell

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