Series 15 - 9. Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers

About this programme

9/26. David helps a friend run away from home, and Peggy has a go at dog training. Meanwhile, the Aidensfield Arms offers paintings as well as pints during an art exhibition, and Jack and Bernie take advantage of the artistic atmosphere in an ill-advised attempt to encourage Gina's creative ambitions. Drama, starring David Lonsdale and Tricia Penrose.

Cast and crew


Mr Turner
Bobby Ball
Martin Wain
Tom Weston
David Stockwell
David Lonsdale
PC Phil Bellamy
Mark Jordon
PC Rob Walker
Jonathan Kerrigan
Oscar Blaketon
Derek Fowlds
Vince Wain
Danny Webb
Gina Ward
Tricia Penrose
Jack Hollins
Murray Head
Brenda Wain
Susie Trayling
Lord Charles Ashfordly
Rupert Vansittart
Mrs Cameron
Gerda Stevenson
Sgt George Miller
John Duttine
Bernie Scripps
Peter Benson
Rosie Cartwright
Vanessa Hehir
Peggy Armstrong
Gwen Taylor
Alf Ventress
William Simons
Percy Downs
Chris Larner


Gerry Mill
Archie Tait
Peter Gibbs