Mrs Brown's Boys

Series 3 - 4. Mammy's Valentine

About this programme

4/6. It seems that everyone in the Brown family has a date for Valentine's Day except Agnes, so she turns to the internet to find herself a man. Dermot tries to come up with a loving gesture to prove to Maria he can still be romantic - but he makes the mistake of taking advice from Buster - while Agnes and Winnie are fascinated by Betty's sex manual and Grandad ends up addicted to Viagra. Hit comedy, starring Brendan O'Carroll.

Cast and crew


Agnes Brown
Brendan O'Carroll
Winnie McGoogan
Eilish O'Carroll
Betty Brown
Amanda Woods
Cathy Brown
Jennifer Gibney
Sharon McGoogan
Fiona Gibney
Maria Brown
Fiona O'Carroll
Dermot Brown
Paddy Houlihan
Grandad Brown
Dermot O'Neill
Buster Brady
Danny O'Carroll
Rory Brown
Rory Cowan
Dino Doyle
Gary Hollywood
Mark Lawrence
Skinny man
John Martin


Ben Kellett
Stephen McCrum
Brendan O'Carroll

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