Judge John Deed

Series 3 - 1. Health Hazard

Health Hazard

About this programme

1/4. Sir Ian Rochester is infuriated when an interesting case is handed to Deed by new presider Sir Monty Everard, and takes his anger out on Jo. She is forced to cut her ties with John after she is brought before a disciplinary committee on trumped-up charges.

Cast and crew


Judge John Deed
Martin Shaw
Jo Mills
Jenny Seagrove
Sir Ian Rochester
Simon Chandler
Sir Monty Everard
Simon Ward
Rita `Coop' Cooper
Barbara Thorn
Laurence James
Fraser James
Simon Norwalk
Daniel Hill
Brian Harrison
Michael Eaves
Mr Johnson
James Barron
Clive Kadans
George Camiller
Neil Haughton
Nick Reding
Sgt Bridges
Steven Elliot
Diana Hulsey
Lara Cazalet
Max Solveigh
Tom Knight
Shirley Chart
Sylvia Cohen
Dr Armac Colbin
Kourash Asad
Josh Arditti
San Shella
Dr Shapiro
Howard Saddler
Sir James Valentine
Frank Windsor
James Brooklands
Anthony Calf
Alexander Petros QC
Andrew Havill
Steve Gaydon
Christopher Benjamin
Mrs Brooklands
Barbara Wilshere


Andy Hay
GF Newman
GF Newman