Series 27 - 19. No Other Medicine

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Cast your mind back to last summer when Nick Jordan’s partner Yvonne was seriously injured during the riots and had to be airlifted to another hospital. Her condition is now life-threatening, but Nick won’t give up on her and is trying every conceivable treatment. He just won’t let her go.

But while trying to treat a young, very ill woman who has announced she wants to die, he realises what he’s been doing. “It’s the kind of desperation that makes you just want to buy just a bit more time,” he explains tearfully.
As well as these very convenient parallel cases, the paramedics bring in an oddly behaved boy who’s been beaten up.

About this programme

19/44. Jordan is determined to keep Yvonne on life support, and even as her condition deteriorates he clings on to hope. But when he meets a woman in the ED and sees her father's desperation as she refuses treatment, he is struck by the similarities to his own situation. Will he realise his battle to save his girlfriend is futile? Jeff and Dixie bring in a young man who has been set upon by bullies - and while Sam and Fletch worry about his symptoms, the patient steals supplies and then disappears. Medical drama, starring Michael French, Charlotte Salt and Alex Walkinshaw.

Cast and crew


Nick Jordan
Michael French
Zoe Hanna
Sunetra Sarker
Adrian `Fletch' Fletcher
Alex Walkinshaw
Aoife O'Reilly
Gemma-Leah Devereux
Sam Nicholls
Charlotte Salt
Jeff Collier
Matt Bardock
Kathleen `Dixie' Dixon
Jane Hazlegrove
Charlie Fairhead
Derek Thompson
Jamie Collier
Daniel Anthony
Robyn Miller
Amanda Henderson
Tom Kent
Oliver Coleman
Lloyd Asike
Michael Obiora
Linda Andrews
Christine Tremarco
Louise Tyler
Azuka Oforka
Big Mac
Charles Dale
Noel Garcia
Tony Marshall
Yvonne Rippon
Rachel Shelley
Diana Hart
Dearbhla Molloy
Lauren Mair
Sarah Beck Mather
Wayne Gwyn
Frasier Huckle
Tony Mair
Martin Troakes
Helen Mair
Sarah Berger
Karen Gwyn
Helen Sheals
Dr Earl
Ranjit Krishnamma
Dr Thorne
Vee Vimolmal


Richard Signy
Executive Producer
Johnathan Young
Series Producer
Nikki Wilson
Kelly Jones