Home and Away

Episode 5638

Home and Away

About this programme

Sasha feels torn about spending time with Casey, and Marilyn loses her temper with John when he interrupts her on a date. Liam confronts Adam about supplying Bianca with drugs and the dealer agrees to keep away from her if he helps him on a job, while Leah tells Jamie to stay clear of her family after he takes VJ out on a jet-ski.

Cast and crew


Sasha Bezmel
Demi Harman
Casey Braxton
Lincoln Younes
Marilyn Chambers
Emily Symons
John Palmer
Shane Withington
Liam Murphy
Axle Whitehead
Adam Sharpe
Martin Lynes
Bianca Scott
Lisa Gormley
Leah Patterson-Baker
Ada Nicodemou
Jamie Sharpe
Hugo Johnstone-Burt
VJ Patterson
Felix Dean


Lucy Addario