Schools - Why the Industrial Revolution Happened Here

Radio Times
Review by:
James Gill

Jeremy Black avoids references to all things satanic as he explains how and why Britain became the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. It’s a dynamic story that allows for favourable comparison with our near neighbours the French and takes in everything from societies that met by the light of the moon to snuff boxes with secret compartments. What Black doesn’t need to say is how much some of the great homes of innovation, industry and development have suffered in the years since.

About this programme

Jeremy Black examines one of the most extraordinary periods in English history, explaining the unique economic, social and political conditions that led to the nation becoming the richest and most powerful on Earth by the 19th century. He traces the unprecedented explosion of new ideas and technological inventions that transformed an agrarian society into an increasingly industrial and urbanised one.

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Jeremy Black


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Michael Tuft
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