How to Make It in America

Series 2 - 1. I'm Good

I'm Good

About this programme

1/8. Comedy drama about two young hustlers trying to make their way in New York's fashion scene. Ben and Cam arrive back in New York City after their trip to Japan and make plans to open a pop-up store, while Domingo expands his business beyond dog-walking and Rene launches a head-turning billboard for his Rasta Monsta beverage. Ben's girlfriend Julie has her nose put out of joint when Rachel comes back from her soul-searching travels having realised that she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk star.

Cast and crew


Ben Epstein
Bryan Greenberg
Cameron `Cam' Calderon
Victor Rasuk
Rene Calderon
Luis Guzman
Rachel Chapman
Lake Bell
Domingo Brown
Scott `Kid Cudi' Mescudi
Margarita Levieva