Embarrassing Fat Bodies

Series 2 - 2. Embarrassing Bodies: Back to the Clinic

Embarrassing Bodies: Back to the Clinic

About this programme

2/4. Dr Christian Jessen meets a woman whose excessive eating has left her with a huge growth on her leg that weighs the same as a small child. She is now so dangerously obese she is running out of options to save her life. Dr Pixie McKenna helps a woman who wheels around her kitchen on an office chair because her joints and circulation cannot take her 33st, while the pumped-up portable pod is taken to Glasgow to tackle its growing obesity problem and launch a campaign to get the nation off their bottoms. Dawn and a volunteer check in at University Hospital in Coventry, where they are locked away for a 24-hour experiment in which all her bodily functions are monitored to find out how fat works and its effect on the human body.

Cast and crew


Christian Jessen
Pixie McKenna
Dawn Harper


Chris Kershaw
Executive Producer
Sarah Eglin
Chris Kershaw
Series Editor
Sarah Trigg