Series 4 - 2. Britney 2.0

Britney 2.0
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About this programme

2/22. Brittany is down in the dumps after being dropped by the cheerleading squad, so Mr Shue tries to reinvigorate her with the music of her idol and namesake Britney Spears - but she doesn't respond as expected and begins to go off the rails. In New York, Rachel has another run-in with dance teacher Cassie, who tells the student she lacks sex appeal - so she enlists Brody's help to put together a raunchy routine. Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Kate Hudson and Heather Morris star.

Cast and crew


Kurt Hummel
Chris Colfer
Blaine Anderson
Darren Criss
Sue Sylvester
Jane Lynch
Artie Abrams
Kevin McHale
Rachel Berry
Lea Michele
Brittany Pierce
Heather Morris
Will Schuester
Matthew Morrison
Sam Evans
Chord Overstreet
Santana Lopez
Naya Rivera
Noah `Puck' Puckerman
Mark Salling
Tina Cohen-Chang
Jenna Ushkowitz
Cassandra July
Kate Hudson
Emma Pillsbury
Jayma Mays
Principal Figgins
Iqbal Theba
Wade `Unique' Adams
Alex Newell
Joe Hart
Samuel Larsen
Marley Rose
Melissa Benoist
Brody Weston
Dean Geyer
Jake Puckerman
Jacob Artist
Kitty Wilde
Becca Tobin
Jacob Ben Israel
Josh Sussman
Mrs Rose
Trish Rae Stahl