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Series 19 - 1. Garden Forks/English Toffee/Paint Chip Cards

Garden Forks/English Toffee/Paint Chip Cards
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Review by:
James Gill

From the meticulous printing of paint chip cards to the more rough-and-ready machines that help create “hand-made” English toffees and shape garden forks, this series shows that even the most mundane objects depend on engineering innovation.

Did you know, for example, that a gloss meter checks the shininess of every one of the three and a half million paint cards that roll out of the factory each day? Or that that a punch press weighing a whopping 600 tons is used to transform a molten steel slab into a regular garden fork? When technology makes every part of our lives more precise, sometimes doing something by eye just doesn’t cut it.

About this programme

1/13. The making of garden forks, English toffee and paint chip cards, and how technology has influenced their production.