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Review by:
David Crawford

Arthur Miller (Art) and Elia Kazan (nicknamed Gadg, short for Gadget, supposedly because he was “small, compact, and handy to have around”) were giants of American theatre and film. They were also firm friends, sharing an almost brotherly relationship until the day that Kazan named names during the Hollywood communist witch hunts of the 1950s.

This rather wordy, stage-bound drama — often sounding as if it was recorded in an empty theatre — follows their attempt at a reconciliation when Kazan directs Miller’s thinly veiled retelling of his marriage to Marilyn Monroe, After the Fall. Nathan Osgood and Karl Johnson are muscular and controlled as Miller and Kazan, keeping the tension in their dialogue taut right up to the point when the subjects of guilt and shame explode over the two men.

About this programme

By Gregory Evans. Two key figures of American theatre - Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan - are forced to confront their past friendship, which ended in bitterness and blame 10 years previously amid the great moral and political dilemma of the time. Starring Nathan Osgood, Karl Johnson and Fenella Woolgar.

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Arthur Miller
Nathan Osgood
Elia Kazan
Karl Johnson
Barbara Loden
Fenella Woolgar


Marc Beeby
Gregory Evans