Mrs Brown's Boys

Series 3 - 3. Mammy's Break

About this programme

3/6. Agnes needs someone to look after Grandad so she can treat herself to a much-needed holiday - but with private nursing homes being so expensive, it seems her only option is to convince the health visitor he has lost his marbles. Rory and Dino move in for a couple of weeks, and the matriarch is soon spitting feathers when the latter begins taking over the house, and her late husband gets in touch from beyond the grave with some ominous news. Hit comedy, starring Brendan O'Carroll.

Cast and crew


Agnes Brown
Brendan O'Carroll
Winnie McGoogan
Eilish O'Carroll
Cathy Brown
Jennifer Gibney
Rory Brown
Rory Cowan
Buster Brady
Danny O'Carroll
Grandad Brown
Dermot O'Neill
Dr Flynn
Derek Reddin
Dino Doyle
Gary Hollywood
Hillary Nicholson
Susie Blake
Jimmy Gennochi
Joe Duffy
Dermot Brown
Paddy Houlihan
Father Damien
Conor Moloney
Maria Brown
Fiona O'Carroll
Betty Brown
Amanda Woods
Mark Brown
Pat `Pepsi' Shields
Sharon McGoogan
Fiona Gibney
Mr Foley
Mike Nolan
Mark Sheridan
Conor Gibney
Health tester
John O'Mahony


Ben Kellett
Stephen McCrum
Brendan O'Carroll