Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein

Episode 1. Summer

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

This is not a time of year when much can be achieved in the garden, so why not take inspiration instead from Carol Klein and her 2011 series about the procession of the seasons in her beloved plot at Glebe Cottage in Devon. No one is better than Klein at getting across the sense of gardening as a slow, unfolding process, a chance to engage with nature and the seasons.

We join her at the height of summer with her garden at its most vibrant. Carol also takes a walk along the dunes of her local beach to seek out the native sea holly, a plant she would love to grow herself.

About this programme

The Gardeners' World presenter's year-long diary about the life cycle of her garden at Glebe Cottage in Devon. In summer, Carol deadheads the roses and stakes plants to help keep the plot looking its best and savours the full blooms of geraniums and lilies. She creates colourful borders using cannas, ginger and dahlias, before visiting her local beach, Braunton Burrows, to seek out sea holly, which she hopes to grow herself.

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