When the Dog Dies

Episode 1. Where There's a Will

Where There's a Will
Radio Times
Review by:
Tom Goulding

A new year brings new resolutions, new plans and, thankfully, a new series of Sorry! writers Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent’s charming Radio 4 sitcom. Ronnie Corbett reprises his role as ageing pensioner Sandy Hopper who, despite his children’s best attempts, refuses to move out of the family home until his similarly ancient dog Henry has kicked the bucket.

Expertly weaving its way through themes of middle-class pretension and thinly veiled snobbery, this subtle comedy is a masterclass in the family sitcom viewed from a different perspective. It is also apparent that the gravelly yet mild-mannered Sandy was written with none other than Corbett in mind, and the veteran comic clearly relishes the performance.

About this programme

By Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent. Sandy has written a new will and son-in-law Blake cannot wait to see what it says, but when Dolores suggests showing him a phoney document to give him a shock, revenge is on the cards. Comedy, starring Ronnie Corbett, Liza Tarbuck and Jonathan Aris.

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Sandy Hopper
Ronnie Corbett
Liza Tarbuck
Jonathan Aris
Mrs Pompom
Sally Grace
Tilly Vosburgh


Liz Anstee
Ian Davidson
Peter Vincent