Coronation Street

Episode 8037

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Good news: Kylie’s pregnant. Bad news: it might not be David’s. Yes, Kylie’s Christmas one-night stand is going to have far-reaching consequences, so it’s no wonder she’s feeling sick with worry.

Mary’s also fretting, although her concerns are down to the fact that she’s agreed at the last minute to cook that night’s food at the Bistro. Will Roy be willing to help and put past differences aside? Oh come on, you two – millions of viewers have been missing those after-hours chess tournaments at the café and thrilling conversations about the golden age of steam locomotion. For the love of all that’s good and pure, shake hands and make up!

About this programme

Kylie feigns illness and insists David leave her at home to rest, but when her one-night stand calls at No 8 he's stunned to find out she's pregnant. Karl is confused after Stella mentions a text she sent him, Hayley comes to Mary's aid at the Bistro, while Lloyd asks Sophie for her version of events regarding Jenna. Gail's interference in her sons' lives causes friction once more - much to Lewis's pleasure.

Cast and crew


Kylie Platt
Paula Lane
David Platt
Jack P Shepherd
Stella Price
Michelle Collins
Karl Munro
John Michie
Hayley Cropper
Julie Hesmondhalgh
Mary Taylor
Patti Clare
Lloyd Mullaney
Craig Charles
Sophie Webster
Brooke Vincent
Jenna Kamara
Krissi Bohn
Gail McIntyre
Helen Worth
Nick Tilsley
Ben Price
Lewis Archer
Nigel Havers


Graeme Harper
Phil Collinson
Simon Crowther