Room 101

Series 2 - Episode 2

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

This is a show about gripes, so let me air mine. Room 101 is pleasant enough viewing but it never quite takes off. There are amusing bits, as Victoria Coren launches into a tirade about fancy tea or Terry Wogan rails against excess packaging (“Has anyone tried to break into a toothbrush lately?”) but pretty much every episode has had a slightly desultory feel to it, with none of the comic sparks that fly in, for instance, Would I Lie to You?

Also, watching celebrities – even witty ones – grumbling about mildly annoying aspects of life (tipping in restaurants and windows that don’t open are two tonight) doesn’t put you in the Friday-night mood, does it? There, gripe over.

About this programme

2/8. Frank Skinner presents the comedy panel show, which sees veteran broadcaster Terry Wogan, cricketer-turned-TV personality Phil Tufnell and writer, presenter and poker player Victoria Coren Mitchell compete to have their pet hates banished for ever. Their gripes include food packaging, health fads, the 1990s Australian cricket team, hors d'oeuvres and people who walk around changing rooms naked.

Cast and crew


Frank Skinner
Terry Wogan
Phil Tufnell
Victoria Coren Mitchell


Ian Lorimer
Executive Producer
Richard Wilson
Executive Producer
Jimmy Mulville
Adam Copeland
Series Producer
Stu Mather