Carved with Love: The Genius of British Woodwork

Series 1 - 1. The Extraordinary Thomas Chippendale

Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

Chippendale furniture is some of the most sought-after and exquisitely made in the world, and this film, co-produced by the V&A, sets out to show how the humble joiner from Otley, Thomas Chippendale, became the pre-eminent furniture-maker of the 18th century.

It rhapsodises over how Chippendale’s designs brought elegance and taste to the newly monied classes, with lots of loving shots of curving chair legs and beautiful marquetry. It also describes how Chippendale’s directory – the first furniture catalogue in the world – spread his work around the

About this programme

1/3. Documentary profiling influential figures in the world of wood craftsmanship. The first film focuses on famous furniture designer Thomas Chippendale, tracing his journey from humble roots working as a joiner in Otley, West Yorkshire, to his success as a cabinet-maker in London.

Cast and crew


Paul Copley


Suniti Somaiya
Executive Producer
Jonty Claypole
Suniti Somaiya
Series Producer
John Mullen