Grand Designs

Series 6 - 20. Revisit: Midlothian, 2010

Revisit: Midlothian, 2010

About this programme

Kevin revisits Pru and Richard Irvine who built a modern house on an old industrial site complete with lime kilns. When Pru and Richard Irvine came across a plot of land in the middle of the breathtakingly beautiful Midlothian countryside, they seized the opportunity to build on it a bespoke family home. However, the plot, an old industrial site complete with lime kilns, came with a condition. They could only build on it if they become custodians of the kilns, and more importantly, that the house they built blended in to its setting. Pru and Richard wanted to build an uncompromisingly modern giant of a house. There was a real danger that this building would be a blot on the landscape rather than an enhancement. With Richard grafting hard to pay for the build, it was left to Pru, a cookery writer, to project manage. It was a huge challenge which Pru rose to. The finished house was an impressive piece of architecture but certainly did not blend into the landscape. A year and a half later, Kevin returns to see how this giant of a house is settling in.

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