Grand Designs

Series 6 - 21. Revisit: Amersham Water Tower, 2010

Revisit: Amersham Water Tower, 2010

About this programme

Kevin catches up with one of Grand Design's first ever projects, Andrew Tate and Deborah Mills' 100-foot-tall water tower conversion. Over ten years ago Andrew Tate and Deborah Mills found a site with a monstrous, dilapidated, water tower on it. Unusually, they saw it as the perfect spot to build a contemporary family home, and convert the old water tower into a seven-storey bedroom wing. Andrew is a commercial architect and so the modern new build went up in just four months, using fast-track methods alongside unconventional building materials. However, things were not so easy when it came to the three-feet-thick water tower: a doorway they expected to be made in two days, took two weeks. Kevin went back to see Andrew and Deborah three years after they had moved into their contemporary extension, but they had still made no progress on the water tower, and were living with minimal bedroom space. Now Kevin returns again to see if the water tower conversion has finally happened, and if their dream home has worked out just as they envisaged all that time ago.

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