Grand Designs

Series 7 - 10. Revisit: Lot, 2010

Revisit: Lot, 2010

About this programme

Kevin revisits Mark and Debbie in the Lot region of France. In 2003 aspiring writer Mark Sampson, his wife Debbie and their daughter Tilly moved to the Lot region of France to build their dream home. Despite a total lack of experience, but driven by strong ecological principles, they decided to take the radical step of constructing it using straw bales. As if getting to grips with building using alternative green technology wasn't enough, they also had to camp out for a year in a tiny caravan, and work with a French architect with whom they could barely communicate. Mark and Debbie had hoped that a new house in a more relaxed region of France would mean a fresh start for them, and enhance their chances of being accepted by the locals. But with limited income from Debbie's job and Mark yet to fulfil his ambition of writing a novel, supporting themselves was always going to be tricky. Seven years after they moved in, Kevin McCloud goes back to see whether their new house has fulfilled its brief and helped them integrate into French life.

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