Series 2 - 1. Shed Report

Shed Report
Radio Times
Review by:
David Crawford

Tony Pitts and Kevin Eldon’s elliptical comedy, about a group of “sheddists” who have set up a kind of shed shanty town on a beach, has had a couple of major cast changes since its acclaimed first series. For a start, Eldon’s other work commitments precluded him from writing and acting, but Pitts has taken up the writing slack and Stephen Mangan has ably filled the role of Jimmy.

Suranne Jones also found herself too busy to recommit to the role of Diane, but Rosina Carbone is a great replacement. The absurdist humour is still top-notch and well complemented by lyrical narration from Maxine Peake.

Special mention must go to Emma Fryer, whose deranged turn as Deborah, the Gypsy who breaks into song at the drop of a hat is a hoot.

About this programme

1/4. By Tony Pitts. The residents of the beachfront community face a new set of challenges. Comedy, narrated by Maxine Peake, with Stephen Mangan, Johnny Vegas, Suranne Jones and Ronni Ancona, and featuring music by Paul Heaton and Jonny Lexus.

Cast and crew


Maxine Peake
Tony Pitts
Stephen Mangan
Ronni Ancona
Johnny Vegas
Emma Fryer
Adrian Manfredi
Suranne Jones
Shaun Dooley
James Quinn
Warren Brown
Rosina Carbone
Eleanor Samson


Sally Harrison
Tony Pitts